Ladies Mile Road in Constantia is one of the oldest roads in South Africa and if the Blue Gum trees could talk I am sure they would have many tales to tell. My father was born on Sillery Farm on Ladies Mile Road in Constantia and he lived there with his family before the days of Apartheid.

Sadly because of politics in South Africa at the time, my grandparents, their children and extended family were displaced from their home under the Blue Gum trees on Ladies Mile Road. We have been fortunate as a family, that we have been able to navigate through a very long restorative process and have regained our heritage that was started by my great grandfather may the All Mighty have mercy upon him and the family members who have passed on.  The process started when I was a little girl. My dad, Armien Solomon, did not live to see the end result of years of wading through the mountains of paper work to restore the family heritage we had lost. Sadly he passed away in October 2009. I was heartbroken.

On our journey of discovery in the world of Bees and Honey with my little girl, Sara Yasmine Conroy, and I rediscovered good old fashioned Blue Gum Honey of my own childhood. We decided to bottle “Armien’s Honey” a rich and full bodied Blue Gum Honey that tastes like a Summer day in South Africa.

Today we are in proud association with Checkers in creating Constantia Emporium on the site where my grandparent’s house used to be. As a sweet remembrance to my late dad we now bottle “Armien’s Honey” for Checkers Western Cape and selected Spar supermarkets.  It took tons and tons of Honey to glue the pieces of my heart back together again.

Honey makes everything better!