Klein Dassenberg Trading Company (Pty) Ltd supports the Checkers Virtual Voucher initiative. Checkers is also one of our main retailers of our Armien’s Honey product. Our “Armien’s Honey” is a rich and full-bodied Blue Gum pure Honey that is raw unheated and locally sourced.
Honey makes everything better

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Ladies Mile Road in Constantia is one of the oldest roads in South Africa and if the Blue Gum trees could talk I am sure they would have many tales to tell. My father was born on Sillery Farm on Ladies Mile Road in Constantia and he lived there with his family before the days of Apartheid.

Sadly because of politics in South Africa at the time, my grandparents, their children and extended family were displaced from their home under the Blue Gum trees on Ladies Mile Road. We have been fortunate as a family, that we have been able to navigate through a very long restorative process and have regained our heritage that was started by my great grandfather may the All Mighty have mercy upon him and the family members who have passed on.  The process started when I was a little girl.

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The “Armien’s Honey” Story

In December 2016 in preparation for the “Busy Bee Nursery Class” the following year, Sara wanted to conduct “Busy Bee Research” about bees and honey!  To our delight we discovered that depending on the forage that the bees are exposed to, honey can taste quite different.

After our research Sara convinced me that as a “Busy Bee”, her teacher was the “Queen Bee” and that “mommy needed to be the one in the white suit” viz. “The Bee Keeper” who looks after the bees. There is very little room for negotiation with a 4yr old girl….

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Its gorgeous and I would definitely buy it again! I love the semi-crystalline texture and the fact that its raw and has not been treated in any way. Thank You!

Regards, Miranda

Miranda Waldron, Electron Microscope Unit

I thought honey was honey till I tasted Armien’s. It really is superior – smooth and silky and a lovely colour. And the instruction to de-crystallize is very useful. Thanks so much. Armien’s will certainly be  my honey of choice from now on.